This article will tell you how to DIY Scandinavian hoop necklaces.

DIY Scandinavian Hoop Necklaces (Share)

DIY Scandinavian Hoop Necklaces (Share)

DIY Scandinavian Hoop Necklaces

Welcome back to our DIY gal-Friday, Kara! I’m itching to make some of her newest creation, these DIY Scandinavian hoop necklaces! Don’t be surprised if you see me rocking these all summer.

I’m going to take a guess and say that you all have seen those Scandinavian hoop mobiles that are popping up everywhere recently? It seems like you can’t scroll through Instagram without a few showing up in your feed on someone’s wall. They are sort of a cross between a woven wall hanging and a mobile and I love them! Well, being the out of the box gal that I am, I decided to use them as the inspiration behind these DIY Scandinavian hoop necklaces. So now I can take the pretty statement piece with me wherever I go!


  • 3″ wood embroidery hoop
  • Yarn
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Brass jewelry wire (I used 16 gauge)
  • Gold 10mm jump rings
  • Colorful beads and pendant pieces
  • Pliers
  • Faux Suede cording

DIY Scandinavian Hoop Necklaces-4

Step 1: Remove the inner piece of the embroidery hoop to use as the base of the necklace. Now wrap your wire across and the hoop and around the sides of the wood. You will need to use the pliers to make sure the wire is wrapped close to the hoop and then cut off the excess wire.

Step 2: Cut off a 12″ long piece of embroidery floss, then cut the bottom half off of the embroidery floss bundle to create a long piece with several strands. Take the 12″ piece of the embroidery floss and loop it around the bottom of the wood hoop and then string a bead onto the tail.

Step 3: Slide the bead to the top and then tie the tail around the middle of the top part of the embroidery floss.

Step 4: Cut the embroidery floss ends into a nice V shape.

Step 5: Wrap the yarn around the hoop starting at the metal piece and working around to the other side. Use glue or tie the yarn at each end and cut off any excess yarn.

Step 6: Add a large jump ring and your pendant piece to the top of the hoop. Feel free to also add an eye pin with more beads on it to the top. Then either loop your suede around the hoop or through another jump ring and the top of your beads and tie the suede at the length you want your necklace.

DIY Scandinavian Hoop Necklaces-5

Feel free to adjust these instructions however you like to create your own unique statement necklace. As you can see I used several different pieces and even a strip of leather to create a few different styles. I love all the color on these and the mix of wood, metal, and fibers. Can’t you just see wearing these DIY Scandinavian hoop necklaces all summer long?!

DIY Scandinavian Hoop Necklaces-6

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