Outfit Ideas to Spring-Summer

Outfit Ideas to Spring-Summer

Outfit Ideas to Spring-Summer

With the end of the chill,the spring-summer is coming. The new trend of fashion as the grass grown in the hot wind. Clothing is a kind of memory, is also a kind of language, it changes to not text way of recording the historical changes of social politics, economy and culture. It is time to turn down our heavy puffer coats for light dress and shorts. Everything is fresh and new, so dress yourself up to be a new person. If you are still not sure what kind of clothing fit you, come and shop in BUYKUD. Here are lots of choice for you!

  1. Wear the floral shirt in Spring

Yeah,all we known that spring bring about flowers, the floral shirts and dresses is a great choice for this season. The floral dress embody the spring, and the flower shirts make people look like more vitality.

      2.Dress the high-quality Cotton shirt

 As the weather growing up, the lighter and thinner cloth are the great choices for you. The vintage design cotton shirt must be the best choice for summer, this clothes are sweat-absorbing and comfortable when you wear in your arm. And our store have lots of kind and different technology cotton shirt either.

Shop similar styles: Plus Size Floral Autumn Vintage Women Loose Cotton T-Shirt

    3.Put on your denim pants

It is never go wrong with denim pants in each public location. Jeans lead the trend of fashion all the times. So you can chose one Jeans you like here and wear it outside to be the light point among the crowd center. Jeans is classic among the pants.

   4.Wear socks with sandals

This is a new trend lead the bottom fashion. More and more people wear socks under the sandals, the socks color also totally different from the shoes that make a collision. It will be a hot point when you walk on the streets. If you concern it is hot in summer, the more thin socks you can buy in BUYKUD

  5.Wear the natural Fabric ON Body

Linen has become an increasingly popular clothing fabric in present. This fabric is breathable and light, making it more comfortable to wear on hot summer days. Linen Cloth represent the Eco-friendly clothes to make people more closer to nature. If you love the green environment you live, choose the linen clothes.



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